Interactive Sorting to a Column group of Matrix report



Interactive Sorting to a Row group of Matrix report is explained in last post and you can find the same here. In this post we are gonna discuss about Interactive Sorting to a Column group of Matrix report. In fact there is no extra steps involved in implementing Interactive Sorting to a Column group of Matrix report compared to applying Interactive Sorting to a ROW group of Matrix report. The only difference is “You should not apply this in column where we define column group”. To demonstrate the same I created a sample report with a Row group and Column group and PFB the preview of the same.

Column group is on COLORS column and to implement column grouping right click on the empty cell as shown below and select TextBox Properties option.

Select Interactive Sorting page and check the checkbox “Enable Interactive Sorting on this text box”. Set GROUPS option and select the column COLOR by which you wish to sort the rows.

Click OK and Preview the report. You can find Double Arrows on the emppty header column where we implemented interactive sorting as shown below.

The first time you click an interactive sort button, items are sorted in ascending order. Subsequent clicks toggle the sort order between ascending and descending order.

Try it and enjoy !!

Roopesh Babu V


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