What is ROLAP and its advantages and Disadvantages?


ROLAP (Relational Online Analytical Processing) – ROLAP does not have the high latency disadvantage of MOLAP. With ROLAP, the data and aggregations are stored in relational format. This means that there will be zero latency between the relational source database and the cube. When we talk about ROLAP we have to discuss about disadvantage it has. Just because of this disadvantage the usage of ROLAP storage is some thing around 5%.


  • Main Disadvantage of this mode is the performance, this type gives the poorest query performance because no objects benefit from multidimensional storage.


  • Since the data is kept in the relational database instead of on the OLAP server, you can view the data in almost real time.
  • Also, since the data is kept in the relational database, it allows for much larger amounts of data, which can mean better scalability.
  • Low latency.


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