What is HOLAP and its advantages and Disadvantages?


Hybrid Online Analytical Processing (HOLAP) – HOLAP is a combination of MOLAP and ROLAP. HOLAP stores the detail data in the relational database but stores the aggregations in multidimensional format. Because of this, the aggregations will need to be processed when changes are occur. With HOLAP you will have medium query performance: not as slow as ROLAP, but not as fast as MOLAP. If, however, you were only querying aggregated data or using a cached query, query performance would be similar to MOLAP. But when you need to get that detail data, performance is closer to ROLAP.


  • HOLAP is best used when large amounts of aggregations are queried often with little detail data, offering high performance and lower storage requirements.
  • Cubes are smaller than MOLAP since the detail data is kept in the relational database.
  • Processing time is less than MOLAP since only aggregations are stored in multidimensional format.
  • Low latency since processing takes place when changes occur and detail data is kept in the relational database.


  • As slow as ROLAP when you try to access leaf level data.
  • Need to process when new records inserted.


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