Tracking Report usage in SSRS Reports



We all know about our managers, they are like piles, both wont allow us to sit peacefully for 10 mins. I worked under many managers and not even one allowed me to take rest when I don’t have any work. One guy given me a shit work i.e “Finding out the usage of reports deployed in server”.

If we jump into story, We worked hard day and night and deployed reports in server after proper testing. So, few days no work and once day manager called me and asked me to give the usage of EACH report in server. I asked Why and for that he replied because WE both doesn’t have any work.

After some goggling I found a way to get that report in one shot and I am sharing the same for you guys. All the report related information will be stored in “ExecutionLog” table in “Report Server” Database. PFB the query that pulls the Report usage information of SSRS Reports.

UserName, Format, TimeStart, Name,
CONVERT(nvarchar(10), TimeStart, 101) AS rundate
FROM ExecutionLog, Catalog
where ReportID = Catalog.ItemID

If you wish to see how many times a report was run then you can use the below code

FROM ExecutionLog, Catalog
where ReportID = Catalog.ItemID
Group by Name

Hope this will help you guys .. Happy Coding !!


Roopesh Babu V


  1. ThanQ Roopesh…. this is really wonderfull thread,bcz some times we want to check out how many times the reports ran from agent job.

  2. Hi Dominique,

    You can try using this query to get the names of reports that are not run even once –

    Name AS [ReportName], Path AS [ReportPath]
    FROM Catalog
    LEFT OUTER JOIN ExecutionLog
    ON ReportID = Catalog.ItemID
    Catalog.Type = 2 AND ReportID IS NULL

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