Multicast Transformation in SSIS with Example



Multicast transformation is useful when ever you wish to make many copies of same data or you need to move the same data to different pipelines. It has one input and many outputs. I will replicate the same input what is takes and returns many copies of the same data. Lets take a simple example to demonstrate the same.

For this I am creating a table and inserting data into it. If you wish to use existing table then you can go ahead with that.

Note – I am creating 5 more tables with the same structure which I will use as Destination tables.

create table emp
emp_name varchar(100),
emp_id int,
sal money,
desig varchar(50),
joindate datetime,
enddate datetime

Inserting data into the same table.

insert into emp values(‘sita’,123,30000,’software engineer’,12-03-2011)
insert into emp values(‘ramu’,345,60000,’team lead’,15-06-2009)
insert into emp values(‘lakshman’,567,25000,’analyst’,18-02-2011)
insert into emp values(‘charan’,789,40000,’administrator’,27-05-2011)
insert into emp values(‘akhil’,234,30000,’software engineer’,24-07-2011)
insert into emp values(‘kaveri’,456,50000,’hr’,26-12-2009)
insert into emp values(‘nimra’,678,50000,’adminidtrator’,19-06-2010)
insert into emp values(‘lathika’,891,35000,’system analyst’,23-05-2010)
insert into emp values(‘yogi’,423,70000,’tech lead’,12-09-2009)
insert into emp values(‘agastya’,323,70000,’team lead’,23-04-2008)
insert into emp values(‘agastya’,235,50000,’hr’,21-12-2009)

Now the source data is ready on which we can apply Multicast transformation and move to multiple destinations. PFB the steps to be followed.

  • Open a new project and drag a Data Flow task from toolbox in Control Flow.
  • Edit the Data Flow task by double clicking the object or by selecting EDIT button on Right click on the object. Make sure the Data Flow Page is opened as shown below.


  • Select OLE DB data source from data flow sources and drag and drop it in the data flow.
  • Double click on the OLE DB data source to open a new window where we can set the properties of the connection.
  • Select the connection manager and click on new button to set the connection string as shown below.

  • Set the connection to the database by providing the Server name,database name and authentication details if required.
  • After the connection is set, select Data Access mode as “Table or View” as shown below and then select the table which we created just now.

  • Drag and drop MultiCast Transformation into the Data Flow Pane and provide connection between OLE DB Source and Multicast Transformation as shown below.

  • Now from Multicast we can take many outputs and to demostrate the same drag and drop OLE DB Destination and give a connection between MultiCast transformation and OLE DB destination then EDIT the destination transformation to provide the connection details to ONE of the FIVE tables created with same structure.
  • Check the mappings and click OK.

  • Like above, we can create N number of destinations and for this demo purpose I created 5 similar destinations pointing to different tables we created as shown below.

  • In the above pic, you can see that Many outputs are coming from one Multicast transformation and the same is pointed to different OLE DB destinations. Now the package is all set to go. Trigger it and wait till all the items turn GREEN.

That is it !! you can see Multicast taking one input of 11 rows and converting it to many copies and sending to different destinations.

This is how you can configure and use Multicast transformation. You can give output of Multicast to another transformation too before passing it to destination.

Happy Coding guys !!

Roopesh Babu V


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