MSBI Training Part 19



This is the 19th video from the series of videos. In this video we are gonna discuss about the following topics –

  • Partitions
  • Performace tuning


Hope you understood the concepts and start browsing the next one ..

Roopesh Babu V


  1. Thanks Roopesh Sir for your guidence

    i was asked some real time question from SSIS and SSAS
    i would like to share those questions with you and others using this blog
    I also expect answers for these questions
    Question 1.what are the KPIs and name atleast three KPIs which you have used in your project
    Question 2.when doing incremental load from OLTP to OLAP(datawarehouse) how would you know that this time you have to start from this point.or how would you know that this much data is already shifted to datawarehouse last week and now i had to shift only this data.
    Question 3.In data access mode what are the diffrent options and what is the difference between ‘table and view’ and ‘table and view fast load’
    Question 4.SSIS architecture
    Question 5.Data Profiling task
    Question 6.slowly changing dimension

    Thanks & Regards
    Amit Kumar Ahuja

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