DTEXEC Utility’s Commands



As you all know there are many ways to execute a package  and one among those is using “dtexec”.  The syntax to use this command line utility is

dtexec /option [Value] /option [Value] …

A simple example is given below.

dtexec /File “c:\ExportFlatFile.dtsx”

In the above example you can see an option FILE used which means the Package is copied to the file path specified.

Dtexec utility can run SSIS packages from three sources.

  • File system using /File option
  • MS SQL database using /SQL option
  • SSIS Package store using /DTS option

PFB the different types of options available for DTEXEC utility.

dtexec Command Options
Option Description
-? [option_name ] Displays a list of options or a description for the specified option
-CheckF[ile] filespec Sets the CheckpointFileName property on the package to a specified path and file name
-CheckP[ointing] {on\off } Determines whether the package will use checkpoints during execution
-Com[mandFile] filespec Specifies a text file that contains additional dtexec command options
-Conf[igFile] filespec Specifies an XML configuration file containing settings that will be used to execute the package
-Conn[ection] id_or_name;connection_string [[;id_or_name;connection_string ]…] Supplies connection strings for the specified connection managers
-Cons[oleLog] [[displayoptions ];[list_options;src_name_or_guid ]…] Configures which log entries are displayed to the console during package execution
-D[ts] package_path Loads the specified package from the SSIS package store
-De[crypt] password Sets the decryption password for a password encrypted package
-Dump error code Specifies the type events that trigger the creation of dump files
-DumpOnError Specifies that dump file be created when any error occurs during package execution
-F[ile] filespec Loads the specified package from the file system
-H[elp] [option_name ] Displays a list of options or a description for the specified option
-L[ogger] classid_orprogid;configstring Associates one or more log providers with the package during execution
-M[axConcurrent] concurrent_executables Specifies the number of executable files that the package can run concurrently
-P[assword] password Specifies a password and is used with the -User option to access a package secured with SQL Server authentication
-Rem comment Specifies a comment; Does not affect the execution of the package
-Rep[orting] level [;event_guid_or_name[;event_guid_or_name[…]] Specifies the reporting level used during package execution
-Res[tart] {deny | force | ifPossible} Specifies a new value for the package’s CheckpointUsage property
-Set propertyPath;value Configures a new value for a variable, property, container, log provider, For each enumerator, or connection. This overrides the package’s design-time configuration for these items
-Ser[ver] server Specifies the name of the server from which to retrieve the package. Used only with the -DTS or -SQL options
-SQ[L] package_path Loads the specified package from a SQL Server
-Su[m] Displays a count of the rows to be received by the next component
-U[ser] user_name Specifies a user name and is used with the -Password option to access a package secured with SQL Server authentication
-Va[lidate] Stops the execution of the package after the validation phase
-VerifyB[uild] major [;minor [;build ]] Compares the build number of a package with the build numbers that were specified during the verification phase
-VerifyP[ackageID] packageID Compares the GUID of the package to be executed with the specified package ID
-VerifyS[igned] Forces Integration Services to verify the package’s digital signature
-VerifyV[ersionID] versionID Compares the version GUID of a package with the specified version ID
-VLog [Filespec ] Writes all Integration Services package events to the log providers that were enabled at design time
-W[arnAsError] Configures the package to treat all warnings as errors during validation
-X86 Configures the SQL Server Agent to run the package in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit computer. This option is only valid when dtexec is executed by a SQL Server Agent job

Hope this helps you guys .. Enjoy !!

Roopesh Babu V


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