Interactive Sorting to a Table in SSRS



Interactive sorting is one of the beautiful option given by Microsoft in SSRS. This is really beautiful because to implement similar kind of functionality in a PROGRAMMING language I spent one week in year 2005. So I love this option. By enabling this option, user can toggle between Ascending and Descending order of the rows in a table report. We can play in different ways using the same option in Matrix format like ordering rows and columns. This feature is supported only in rendering formats that support user interaction, such as HTML.

This option can be set to any “TEXT BOX” in the report. But in table reports it suits better if you enable this option on column headers. Let’s see the steps involved in enabling Interactive sorting in a table format report.

I have created a report with a table format and PFB the preview of the report.

Now lets see the steps involved in enabling the sorting for the column “Color”.

  • Go to the design and right click on the Color column header as  shown below and select TextBox Properties option.

  • Select Interactive Sorting page and check the checkbox “Enable Interactive Sorting on this text box”.

  • As this is Table report format, we will not have any groups and hence leave the Detail rows option as it and set Sort By option to the column by which you wish to sort the rows. In this case I am going with color column.

  • Click OK and Preview the report. You can find Double Arrows on the column header COLOR as shown below.

Repeat the above steps if you wish to add the same for other columns too. The first time you click an interactive sort button, items are sorted in ascending order. Subsequent clicks toggle the sort order between ascending and descending order.

Try it and enjoy !!

Roopesh Babu V


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    ‘The relationships advice I wish I knew earlier’: Singles share the love tips they would give their younger selves and whether they’ve stuck by it as adultsAussies have shared the dating advice they would give their younger selvesMuch of [url=]chnlove review[/url] the advice from men stated that they wish they’d been less nervousMany women said you shouldn’t let someone you do not know into your homeSome said they wouldn’t change anything as it has made them who they areRelationship coach Louanne Ward shared four types to avoid when datingBy Sophie Haslett For Daily Mail Australia

    available: 19:41 s’av’e rrtre, 5 August 2021 modified: 19:41 s’av’e rrtre, 5 may 2021

    tied up mum of four, 40, Reveals just how she lost 10kg in. Mum and dad of 16 from Australia’s most well know family answer the. done with boring breakfasts every morning? instructor shares her. Super organised mum shares the not difficult meal prepping.

    ‘Why were you so uneasy with girls? Feel driving a vehicle and do it anyway,’ one commenter sent.

    another added: ‘Shyness was a major problem, those times are long gone. I aren’t able to talk to women now’.

    Others agreed they wish they had just taken a ‘leap of faith’ to go and say hi to someone they fancied in a bar or had just met, as they definitely live by that advice now.

    Many men said they wish they hadn’t been so nervous around women when they were a young adult, While women said you should wait before you invite a man to your house (investing image)

    Lots of unique advice, unfortunately, Was based around safety and how they should not be embarrassed to demand things like STI testing.

    ‘A few ideas really but in the first instance: never have your date pick you up from home, Or encourage them home, Before you know them very well,’ one woman published.

    ‘Regular STI testing is not shameful, It’s bright,’ an additional added.

    A third said if you’re something is a ‘red flag’, Then it probably is and you need to trust your instincts thought out strategies anywhere with dating.

    ‘Practice the advice you preach to family,’ one woman authored.

    ‘Go because of the flow, Don’t trigger it. If that they can’t respect your boundaries, it doesn’t respect you. You’re their fiancee, Not their momma. You does not have to soothe their insecurities.or,–

    Some said they wouldn’t change anything, Because doing as they did has made them the addict they are today:

    ‘Don’t change one thing, Just be true to you and it will eventually have some bumps but eventually it will all pan out,’ one commenter submitted.

    prior, Louanne keep (Pictured) Shared the four types of individualities to avoid on the dating scene including the ‘love bomber’, ‘foodie call’ and therefore ‘romance scammer’

    up to now, Louanne Ward shared the four types of personas to avoid on the dating scene including the ‘love bomber’, ‘foodie call’ and as a consequence ‘romance scammer’.

    ‘The love bomber is an expert at saying and doing all the right romantic things to provide hooked in,’ Louanne identified.

    you will find, The ‘foodie call’ sets up dates with people they are not romantically in to just to get free meals.

    A stage five clinger is someone who just won’t give up on you and they can be extraordinary when trying to contact you or make plans with no reciprocation.

    But Louanne said the stage five clinger should have ‘way more to stress over other than just being needy’.

    ‘They are emotionally unstable which could be a sign of BPD (Borderline unique character disorder),’ she stated.

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    The gatwick born actor has appeared as George Shuttleworth on the cobbles since 2020, Though his character hasn been seen in the soap for a couple of months. His latest episode aired in January, When George let slip to Sally he knew about Tim triple heart bypass before she did.

    George is the son the actual late Archie Shuttleworth. applying his father death in 2018, George took on Shuttleworth Independent Funeral procedures.

    read more: Emmerdale fans make demand to ITV bosses over new role

    He later expanded the business enterprise with a new funeral parlour in Victoria Street, selecting Todd Grimshaw. George may possibly seeing Todd mum, Eileen, granted that 2021.

    On thursday night, Tony took to Twitter to make an announcement about his future on Coronation Street. borrowing a selfie he had taken on the cobbles, he said: “within me (and thus George) All signed up to Corrie till at least July 2023 and I couldn be happier! HappyPlace”

    Soap fans were quick to reply to his tweet. Many were over joyed at the news, And harried to wish him well.

    John gaines said: “Best Corrie signing because of the return of Georgia Taylor. perfect news, Tony. George is a very good character, In the mould of old-fashioned years, And you made a superb impression. Roy Hudd would be happy, I naturally, Pete Leo suggested: “Congrats every soap needs a good undertakers as soon as they have a serial killer story line”

    Kerry Taylor said: “yay, you are a credit to Corrie, you’re really, during the time Dan Brown said: “best wishes Tony. anticipate seeing your future storylines, its northern border Paul said: “wonderful news! George has been a great addition to the road, Long may it hold on,

    Coronation highway airs Mondays, fridays and Fridays on ITV and the ITV Hub

    Receive newsletters with the actual and breaking TV and showbiz news by signing up here

    Follow gatwick Echo

    TescoTesco and Aldi warning to all [url=][/url] customers who buy fruit and vegetablesThe department stores have placed huge signs in stores

    Coronation StreetThe Benidorm star took to Twitter to let fans in on a secret

    Ryanair customers now should pay more for flights they’ve already bookedRyanairNew additional charges come into force from April 1

    Martin Lewis explains what to do if you can’t submit meter reading today as energy price caps riseYour MoneyHouseholds are submitting meter readings for gas and electricity to their supplier today

    Drug courier who feared he’d get 5 years given ‘pleasant surprise’WidnesJoseph Duffy was caught taking 22,000 strong drugs and 8,200 cash to be able to Merseyside

    PoliticsScheme to stop dodgy landlords putting tenants at risk launched todayA previous similar city wide licensing scheme found 65% of units were not compliant with necessary standards on the first visit

    ‘Juveniles’ arrested after police raid drug denCrimeLarge portions of crack cocaine and heroin were seized

    Jewish students’ group calls for Guild of Students Israel vote to be scrappedUniversity of LiverpoolThe Liverpool Guild of Students is planning to hold a referendum from April 25 to 27 on if or not to support the Boycott, Divestment and sanctions (BDS) initiative

    Man ‘looked like skeleton’ and bled 10 times a day but doctors missed deadly diagnosisNHSDoctors have told the 37 year old he will most likely not survive until the end of the year

    Most ReadMost the past few

    TescoTesco and Aldi warning to all customers who buy fruit and vegetablesThe dealers have placed huge signs in stores.

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    Mum hit toy store assistant with car and carried him for 50ft after nicking two your children’s scooters but tells court she is “Totally embarrassed and remorseful”SalfordBarbara at an early age, 25, Was jailed for 22 months at Manchester Crown CourtThe Manchester statue that stands alone with haunting message ‘I will be dead soon’WhitworthThe statue has been adjacent to trees inside a public park since 2014Mum saves almost 1,000 a year by cancelling three bills and shares her secretsMoneyShe also reduces her water bills and online auto insurance premiums with some simple tricksCoronation Street’s Emma star fears ‘April Fools’ prank ahead of ITV This Morning appearance before last week on soapCoronation Street”Emma’s final week in cobbles,It’s getting bizarre now, Shop workers battling against children as young as nine ‘running riot’ in Stockport despite stark warning from policeStockportPolice have promised to crackdown on the issueA quarter of homes won’t be able to afford to pay energy bills by OctoberEnergy BillsMeanwhile five million people will struggle to pay for electricity from AprilAdvertorialGet ready for 2022 holidays and outdoor adventures by making sure your car is equipped for the tripSpecial FeaturesTell us the best fish and chip shop in Greater ManchesterBritish foodFinding a good chippy can be a tough taskTransport bosses forced to hire security team after teenager’s terror crimewaveRochdaleThe young offender’s behaviour led to more than 200 complaints to transport bosses over the 10 month periodHundreds of homes left without power in Manchester tonightGreater Manchester NewsElectricity North West say over 400 were affected at one stageResidents’ horror as man dies after house in Manchester explodesWythenshaweBrownley [url=][/url] Road in Wythenshawe is shut off tonightScene of destruction after man dies in house explosion what we know so farWythenshaweBrownley Road is shut after the serious incident tonight’We’re here to inform, And reassure, with empower’: BBC’s Newsround turns 50Greater Manchester NewsThe show was first broadcast as John Craven’s Newsround in 1972 but now has undergone huge changes, checking up on the times, And fidget spinners, To stay similar, Exciting and revealing to children.most inexpensive petrol and diesel prices from Morrisons, Sainsburys and AsdaPetrol pricesCostco also has some of the cheapest petrol prices around ManchesterITV This Morning fans say star ‘broke rank’ as she’s glared at by Phillip Schofield for mentioning his agePhillip SchofieldAlice Beer joined Phillip and Holly Willoughby on the sofa when she brought up Phillip’s big birthdayNew Netflix UK TV shows and movies coming in April 2022 including Russian Doll and OzarkNetflixFrom new films like The Bubble to classic cinema like Love Actually, there are several new content coming to Netflix this month.Drivers urged to check their cars for SOS button that could save your lifeUK NewsMillions of players have one in their car, but a majority have no ideaITV Corrie spoilers as Emma leaves Weatherfield, A dying Laura nears the end and Faye fears she’s losing her babyCoronation StreetAnd there’s heartache for Tyrone as Fiz leaves Coronation StreetGreater Manchester weather forecast as more snow is on the way this weekendGreater Manchester environments will drop to 3C overnight.

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