How to Repeat a Table in every page of SSRS Report

DataSet Query
DataSet Query


Lets say we have to show summarized data and detailed data in a report and the summarized data should repeat on all the pages of the report. This is quite common requirement that clients are asking for. Let’s see how to acheive this. There are many ways of doing this but I will demonstrate one way here i.e making use of property “Repeat Page Header”. I have choosen Adventure Works database which is available in almost all computers who are working or learning MSBI. PFB the steps that you have to follow to acheive the same.

  • Take a Report and add Data Source.
  • Define a dataset and pfb the Screenshot of the query I am using to demonstrate the same here.
DataSet Query
DataSet Query
  • Take two TABLE controls into the report and add the data fields as shown below.
Two Tables Added
Two Tables Added
  • For the first table I added a ROW GROUP to show summarized data and here we are grouping data based on English Product Category Name as shown in below pic.
Row Group for Table 1
Row Group for Table 1
  • If you Preview the report then it will have two tables one with summarized data and other with detailed data as shown below.
Report Preview
Report Preview
  • In the above screen shot we can clearly see the summarized table and detailed table and clients want to see this summarized table in all the pages. Now Merge all the cells of the header of TABLE 2 by selecting all HEADER columns and by selecting the menu item MERGE which is present on RIGHT CLICK as shown in the below screenshot.
  • Delete the Header text of Table 2 and CUT the table 1 and PASTE it on Merged Header part and align the columns as shown in below screenshot.
  • Now Select the Table 2 and set the property “RepeatColumnHeaders” to TRUE.
  • Now click on the SMALL TRIANGLE on Groups and click on “Advanced Mode” and once you select that you can see STATIC in Row Groups and Column Groups as shown below.
  • Select STATIC item from Row Groups section and press F4 for properties and select “RepeatonNewPage” to TRUE as shown below.
  • Now Preview the report and you can see t able on data in all the pages as shown in below Screenshot.
In the above screenshot we can clearly see that the TABLE 1data is repeating for all the pages. This is one way of repeating table data in all the pages of the report. Look and Feel is in your hands and you can design as per your requirements.
That’s it .. Happy Coding !!
Roopesh Babu V


  1. I was not able to get the same thing work. I have same requirement, but slightly different. I have three different tables, in a single reprot. All the three tables have different number of columns. The third report has the detail of several comoditites with various attributes;columns. The third report would extent to number of pages and what I want is that the previous two tables should repeat along with third table extending to pages.So let say if first table have column as a,b and c…..Table two has colmn a,p,q,r,s,t and table three has column as x,y,z,l,m,n,o….here only column a is common in two tables.


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