Exporting a SSRS report to multiple Excel tabs



In this post we are gonna discuss about how to export data from a report to multiple sheets of an EXCEL. This is a real cool option we have in SSRS. To demonstrate the same I designed a report and the preview of the same is given below.

The above one is a MATRIX format report and if I export the same into EXCEL then all the records will be exported into the same SHEET of excel as shown below.

In the above pic, you can see that all the data is loaded into the same sheet. Now let us see how can we load data into different sheets of an excel. To do so firstly we need to identify how the data or when the data needs to be broke and pushed to next sheet. In this example I will push EACH COLOR information into one sheet. PFB the steps.

  • Right click on the GROUP color and select Group Properties as shown below.

  • Select the page “Page Breaks” and check the option “Between Each instance of the group” as shown below/

  • Now preview the report and you can see the report is broken into pieces based on color.
  • Export the report and see the data in EXCEL. you can see each color data is pushed to different sheets as shown below.

This is it sirji .. Hope you understood the magic ..

Roopesh Babu V


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