Document Map Property in SSRS

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Lets discuss about Document Map property in SSRS. The Document Map feature allows you to configure bookmarks for each instance in a group and display this list of bookmarks next to the report. In effect, this list of bookmarks is a table of contents for the report that enables the user not only to see the group instances at a glance, but also to jump to the location of a specific instance. Lets say I have a report which provides information on the products available in all categories and its sales. Lets see the steps involved in configuring document maps in reports with this simple example.

1) Design a report.

2) Add a Group to the column for which you want to configure document map and in this case I created group for Categories Field as shown below.

3) Right click on group and select group properties as shown below.

Character Map
Character Map

4) Select Advanced Tab in properties pane.

5) Select the Field from the drop down list and click on OK and in this case it is EnglishProductCategoryName as shown in the below image.

Character Map
Character Map

Then go to Preview report and you can find the Bookmarks on the left hand side and if you select any bookmark item then it will take you to the particular item in report. PFB the screenshot showing the bookmark for the report created.

Character Map
Character Map

That’s it .. Happy Coding !!


Roopesh Babu V


  1. Hi team, I have a situation bit differ from this. I have there are five reports data in main reports.they can be identified using book marks. Now what I want is create a document map using those book marks. Can you guys help on this..


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