Different Events of EVENT HANDLERS IN SSIS

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Let’s discuss a very little bit about different events available in Event Handlers in SSIS Packages. To turn SSIS package into a trustworthy system which are useful for audit, response appropriately to Error conditions, progress the report and allows instrumentation and keep an eye on respective SSIS packages we need the simplest means of SSIS Event Handlers. SSIS event handlers are very easy to implement and accommodate a great flexibility. As the name suggests, based on certain event, we would like to take some action (handle the event) the way we want. We may want to shoot an email in case of an error or failure in the package. Or we might want to truncate a table once the ETL is completed. you can see all the events in Event Handlers tab in Package as you c an see in below pic.

Here is the brief of all the events to give an idea on WHEN the event will be fired.

  • OnError: This event is raised by an executable when an error occurs.
  • OnExecStatusChanged: This event is raised by an executable when its execution status changes.
  • OnInformation: This event is raised during the validation and execution of an executable to report information. This event conveys information only, no errors or warnings.
  • OnPostExecute: This event is raised by an executable immediately after it has finished running.
  • OnPostValidate: This event is raised by an executable when its validation is finished.
  • OnPreExecute: This event is raised by an executable immediately before it runs.
  • OnPreValidate: This event is raised by an executable when its validation starts.
  • OnProgress: This event is raised by an executable when measurable progress is made by the executable.
  • OnQueryCancel: This event is raised by an executable to determine whether it should stop running.
  • OnTaskFailed: This event is raised by a task when it fails.
  • OnVariableValueChanged: This event is raised by an executable when the value of a variable changes. The event is raised by the executable on which the variable is defined.
  • OnWarning: This event is raised by an executable when a warning occurs.

That is it .. Thanks Giri for the documentation work.

Roopesh Babu V


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