SSRS Interview Questions and Answers



Let’s spend some time here before attending interview on SSRS. This will surely helps you. Questions will keep on adding and hence try to visit this page when ever you have to give an interview on SSRS.

• What is Query parameter in SSRS?
Query parameters is mentioned in the query of the datasources that are to be included into the SQL script’s WHERE clause of the SQL that can accept parameters. Query parameters begin with the symbol @.The name should not contain spaces and can not begin with numeral. For clarity, we use only letters.

• What are the Reporting Service Components in SSRS?
Report Designer: A place where we can create report. Report Server: Provides services for implementation and delivery of reports. Report Manager: A Web-based administration tool for managing the Report Server.

• What is a matrix in SSRS?
A matrix is a data region linked to a report set. Matrix allows us to create crosstab reports with the report variables displaying on rows and columns. It allows us to drag and drop fields into it.

• What are sub reports and how to create them?
A sub report is like any other reports which can be called in main report and can be generate
through main report. Parameters can be passed from main report to sub report and basis of
that report can be generated.

• What is the report model project?
Report model project is for creating Adhoc reporting. You can create the adhoc reports
through report builder. Report model project can be created on bids or report server. This
model can have simple view. And using

• What is report server project?
Report Server Project contains the RDL file and it need to be deployed on report server to
view the report files to application and user.
It a solution where we design our reports. You can add it by going into BIDS clicking on
new item and then selecting reports server project. Once the solution is created you can start
creating reports.

• What is the report builder?
Report builder is used to create small reports and it a define interface. You can’t change the
report interface in report builder it pre designed. You can just drag columns in the report.
Report builder creates reports on database objects available with report model project.

• In which SQL Server version report builder introduced?
Report builder introduced in SQL Server 2005. While creating or deploying report model
project on report server you can get error or it might not get created. For this you need to
check whether the service pack 22 is installed or not.

• How to deploy the Report?
Report can be deployed in three ways.
1. Using visual studio: In visual studio you can directly deploy the report through
solution explorer by providing the report server URL in project properties at Target
Server URL. This will deploy entire project or single report as per you selection.
2. Using report server: Can directly go to the report server and deploy the report by
browsing the report from the disk location on server.
3. Creating the utility: SQL server provides the utility using that which can be used to
create a customize utility for your report deployment in bulk.

• What is RS.exe utility?
Rs.exe utility is used for deploying the report on report server. It comes with the report
server and can be customize accordingly.

• What is the name of reporting services config file and what’s it’s used for?
Reporting service config file is used for report configuration details. It contains the report
format and also the report import types. Report service config reside at ISS.

• What are the three different part of RDL file explain them?
In visual studio RDL files has three parts.
1. Data: It contains the dataset on which we write the query. Data set is connected with
data source.
2. Design: In design you can design report. Can create tables and matrix reports. Drag
columns values from source.
3. Preview: to check the preview after the report run.

• Which language rdl files made of?
RDL files are written in XML.

• What is the chart in report?
Chart reports are for graphical representation. You can get pie charts columns harts and
various other options.
3d charts are also available in reporting services.

• What is Data Set in report?
Data set are the set of data which we want to show in report. Data creates on data source.
Data source is the source of data from where we are getting this data i.e. database server and
database name connection string.

• What are the different types of data sources in SSRS?
SSRS use different data source. Some of them are listed below.
1. Microsoft SQL Server
3. Oracle
5. SQL Server Analysis Service
6. Report Server Model
7. SAP Net weaver BI
8. Hyperion
9. Teradata
10. XML

• What is the web service used for reporting services?
Reporting Service Web Service used in SSRS. By accessing this web service you can access all
report server component and also get the report deployed on report server.

• How to add the custom code in Report?
To add the custom codes in report go to report tab on top then properties and there you will
find the options for custom code.

• What is a cache in SSRS?
Report server can lay up a copy of processed report in a memory and return the copy when a user opens the report. This server memory is known as cache and the process is called caching.

• What is report snapshot in SSRS?
Report snapshot is a report which contains layout information and a dataset that is extracted at a particular point of time. When the new snapshot is created the previous report snapshot will be overwritten.

• What is bookmark link in SSRS?
Bookmark is a link which a person clicks to shift to a different area or page in a report. We can insert bookmarks links only to textboxes and images.

• What is Command parameter in SSRS?
A Command parameter is used to forward protocol to the Report Server regarding the item that has been retrieved. Command parameter is also used for rearranging a user’s session information.

• What is Format parameter in SSRS?
Format parameter is used to control report output. Every delivering format on Report Server has to pass through this parameter.

• What is Snapshot parameter in SSRS?
When a report is saved in a snapshot history, it is allocated a time or date to uniquely identify that report. Snapshot parameter is used to get back these historical reports by passing this time or date to get proper report.

• What are the rendering extensions of SSRS?
Rendering extensions manage the category of document produced when a report is processed. Rendering Extensions are: HTML, MHTML, EXCEL, CSV, IMAGE, PDF, and XML.

• What is a ReportItem in SSRS?
A ReportItem is one of the subsequent types of items: Rectangle, Textbox, Image, Subreport, Line, CustomReportItem, List, Table, Matrix or Chart.

• What is Datasets in SSRS?
Dataset elements have information about the sets of data recovered as a part of the report.

• What are the main components of reporting services?
The main components of Reporting Services are

  1. Report designer
  2. Report server
  3. Report manager
  4. Report user.

• What is Report Designer?
Report Designer is a collection of graphical query and design tools that are hosted within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.

Report Designer provides a Report Data pane to organize data used in your report, and tabbed views for Design and Preview so that you can design a report interactively.
Report Designer also provides query designers to help specify data to retrieve from data sources and the Expression dialog to specify report data to use in the report layout.
When the report is complete, you can use Report Designer to preview the report and publish it directly to the report server.

• What is Report manager?
Report Manager is a Web-based report access and management tool that you use to administer a single report server instance from a remote location over an HTTP connection. You can also use Report Manager for its report viewer and navigation features.
You can use Report Manager to browse the report server folders or search for specific reports. You can view a report, its general properties, and past copies of the report that are captured in report history.

• What is Report Builder?
Web-based tool to create reports
Come free with SQL Server 2005
Launch Report Builder 1.0 to create ad hoc reports that you can save and run on the report server.
Users build desired reports themselves; can export to Word, Excel, PDF, and more

• What is Report Server?
The report server is the central component of a Reporting Services installation. It consists of a pair of core processors plus a collection of special-purpose extensions that handle authentication, data processing, rendering, and delivery operations.


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