SSAS Error : A connection cannot be made. Ensure the server is running



If you are reading this post to find out the error then I can say you are NEW  to SSAS. Most of the error will face this error while they practice in their personal computers and the same will not be faced when they work in any project in company because company will make sure that the server is always running. From the error message it is clear that the problem is with the connectivity to SSAS server. Connectivity problem to anything will occur only when one of the following is true.

  • Given wrong server name which doesn’t exist.
  • No software installed in that given server
  • Server service might NOT be running.
  • You don’t have access to Server.

When any one of the above are true then you will encounter this issue and you will get the error message like given below.

Error 7 The project could not be deployed to the ‘localhost’ server because of the following connectivity problems : A connection cannot be made. Ensure that the server is running. To verify or update the name of the target server, right-click on the project in Solution Explorer, select Project Properties, click on the Deployment tab, and then enter the name of the server. 

Now let see what needs to be checked when you encounter this error.

  • First Right click on the solution and select properties to check the server given in the Deployment page is correct or not as shown below.

  • I have given “LOCALHOST” which means that the SSAS server is situated in my local computer which is correct. You have to make sure the server name is given correctly.
  • First step is pass and not lets check whether the SSAS is installed in the given server or not. To check the same navigate to this path. Start –> All Programs –> Sql Server <Version> –> Configuration Manager –> Sql Server Configuration Manager as shown below.

  • In this page check whether SSAS Service is present or not. If yes then we are good with Point 2 also. In my computer I installed three instances and hence I will have three different services for SSAS. Don’t get confused by seeing the same. Mostly you will have only one.

  • From the above pic it is clear that SSAS is installed in my computer and the problem is that the SERVICE is STOPPED. So what to do now ? Just right click and start the service yaar as shown below.

  • Now go an deploy your project now. It will get succeed. See the pic below.

  • If you are still facing the problem then the only reason could be YOU DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO SERVER and for that contact SSAS admin to add your name to SSAS roles so that you will get access to the server.

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