MSBI Training Part 23



This is the 23th video from the series of videos. In this video we are gonna discuss about the following topics –

  • Backup and Restore of SSAS databases
  • Deploying in server
  • Synchronization of cubes
  • XML deployment
  • Different types of servers
  • Different types of deployment


Hope you understood the concepts and start browsing the next one ..

Roopesh Babu V


  1. hi roopesh
    i want to know BI also used in oracle and SAP . what is use of bi in both of them, what are advantage and disadvantage of oracle and sql server BI. which one is best for SSAS purpose
    waiting for your reply

  2. Rohit ..

    Just like MS BI, we also have SAP BI and Oracle BI. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. My suggestion to you is to stick to any one tool first and get as much knowledge as possible and then look at the remaining stuff..

    All the best !!

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